Safe internet programme for 4 lakh children
25,000 people to get jobs in Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City
76 get BASIS ICT Awards 2018

76 get BASIS ICT Awards 2018

2018-09-07 5:29:29 PM
Huawei Bangladesh celebrates gala event with 10 students
Artificial intelligence used to predict cancer growth
The engine that could take man to Mars
Xiaomi phone threatens a price war

Xiaomi phone threatens a price war

2018-08-23 9:07:26 AM
Uber rolls out insurance for riders, drivers in Bangladesh
'Next budget will be an IT business-friendly one'
Mysterious rise in emissions of ozone-damaging chemical
 Bangabandhu-1:  First upgraded Falcon 9 rocket
Bangabandhu satellite to be launched early Friday
Agencies aim to deliver rocks from Mars to Earth
US soldier gets world's first penis and scrotum transplant
Rotten egg gas around planet Uranus

Rotten egg gas around planet Uranus

2018-04-24 11:29:26 AM
Planet-hunter launched from Florida

Planet-hunter launched from Florida

2018-04-19 10:45:16 AM
The first person on Mars 'should be a woman'
Digital security act is not for gagging freedom of expression
Dozen black holes found at galactic centre
‘One-stop shops’ set to speed up cancer diagnosis
Conservationists use astronomy software to save species
Facebook being used to 'incite real harm' in Myanmar: Zuckerberg
Defunct China space lab comes down over South Pacific
Ghostly galaxy may be missing dark matter
Zuckerberg's losses on Facebook data scandal hit $10bn