Man banned from Twitter over killing mosquito
Nearly 381 new species discovered in Amazon
Mark Zuckerberg, wife welcome second daughter
Anti-inflammatory drug ‘cuts heart attack risk’
NASA's plan to save humanity from Yellowstone supervolcano
Google adds Bengali languages to voice search
Facebook remove page run by street artist
Toyota joins forces with 6 cos to develop a self-driving car
YouTube adds an in-app messaging feature
Dodgy greenhouse gas data threatens Paris accord
New map of Universe's dark matter

New map of Universe's dark matter

2017-08-04 9:04:58 AM
Typhoon Noru explodes as 2017's strongest storm yet
Smartphone & Tab Expo kicks off tomorrow
Humans will live in cities on Mars within 50 to 100 years
Facebook TV shows are likely to debut in August
China set to launch an unhackable internet communication
Bangladesh 2nd largest provider of online labour
Human could create habitable universes
Sex robots will be common in a decade

Sex robots will be common in a decade

2017-07-06 10:33:50 AM
Russia unveils Star Wars combat uniform
Hawking urges Moon landing to ‘elevate humanity’
Cholesterol-lowering jab to help prevent heart disease
ICT division website restored

ICT division website restored

2017-06-17 5:57:30 PM
ICT division website hacked

ICT division website hacked

2017-06-17 5:00:33 PM
China developing hypersonic missiles for jet fighters