Bangladesh wins 15 awards in APICTA

Bangladesh wins 15 awards in APICTA

2017-12-10 10:34:04 PM
'Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park' starts its journey
Most-distant supermassive black hole ever found
iPhone X to be launched on Thursday in Bangladesh
Google unveils 'Datally' smart app

Google unveils 'Datally' smart app

2017-11-30 2:59:36 PM
Hidden history of prehistoric women's work revealed
Walton brings country-made first smartphone in month of victory
Artificial lights eating away at dark nights
Astronomers send message to two potentially habitable planets
Time travel is ‘technically possible’ says physicist
Second earth found just 11 light years away
Huge mystery object at the heart of our galaxy
YouTube says it will improve filtering of kids videos
Breast cancer can return 15 years after treatment ends
Developers in Bangladesh can now sell apps on Play Store
Hawking warns AI could replace humans

Hawking warns AI could replace humans

2017-11-03 11:04:16 AM
Walton to launch desktop PC, monitor, pen drive, router
Astronomers spot first ever alien comet
Internet speed to remain slow for 3 days
Microsoft confirms Windows Phone dead
Facebook to provide training to 10,000 Bangladeshi youths
Humans will upload their brains to computers
7 surprising benefits of drinking warm water
Microbes could be biggest threat to astronauts on Mars
Microsoft, Facebook's 4,000 mile subsea internet cable complete