Steps being taken to bring Islamic preachers under registration

Publish on: 2019-04-09 12:38:18 PM
Mukul |

Secretariat Correspondent:  The government is going to take steps to bring Islamic scholars and preachers under registration.

In a report late last month, the Home Ministry named some speakers, whose sermons encourage: communalism, militancy, intolerance against women’s emancipation, plus anti-democratic and anti-state propaganda.

The ministry wrote to the Bangladesh Islamic Foundation, National Board of Revenue (NBR) and all divisional commissioners to take steps against them; it also provided six recommendations.

It has recommended that preachers who charge money should be brought under the income tax bracket, and must be brought to book if their sermons contain seditious elements.

In the wake of the Home Ministry’s observations about waz mahfils, Islamic scholars say they want harmony among the preachers and for the sermons to be refined, instead of controlled.

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