Dhaka-Washington partnership dialogue today

Publish on: 2019-06-10 1:21:48 PM
Mukul | risingbd.com

Secretariat Correspondent:  Bangladesh and the United States will hold the next round of partnership dialogue in Washington today (Monday), to discuss the issues they are tackling together.

Foreign Secretary M Shahidul Haque will lead the Bangladesh delegation, while Under Secretary for Political Affairs David Hale leads the US team at the dialogue.

The two countries are likely to focus on regional, and global matters of concern to both of them, including the Rohingya crisis, Iran, and North Korea issues, apart from discussing bilateral ones.

At the last dialogue held in November 2017, and chaired by former Under Secretary Thomas Shannon and Foreign Secretary Shahidul Haque, the two countries discussed a range of important issues, including security in the Indian Ocean region, combating transnational terrorist groups, and US' approach to North Korea's threat of nuclear war, in addition to the pressing Rohingya crisis.

Bangladesh and the US cooperate closely on security issues, ranging from counterterrorism to peacekeeping.

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