Rohingyas may be threat if not repatriated, says PM

Publish on: 2019-06-26 6:38:37 PM
Nasim |

Parliament Correspondent: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said that displaced Rohingyas, who are deprived of basic rights by the Myanmar authorities, are naturally suffering from dissatisfaction. They have lot complaints. If these people can’t be repatriated soon, the security and stability of us may be hampered.

The Premier said this while replying to a tabled question of Awami League lawmaker Nur Mohammad (Kishoreganj-2) at the National Parliament on Wednesday.

Sheikh Hasina said, “Around 11 lakh displaced Rohingyas took shelter in Bangladesh. It is very tough matter for us to arrange food, clothes and accommodation for them for an indefinite time. That’s why we are making diplomatic efforts to find out a permanent solution since the very beginning of the crisis for sending Rohingyas back to their homeland.”

She said, “These citizens of Myanmar did not come here willingly. The army of that country evicted them from their land forcefully. Basic human rights - food, healthcare accommodation were needed to the Rohingyas. That’s why we provided shelter to them primarily. We provided shelter and humanitarian assistances to the huge number of foreign nationals with the coordination of various international organizations including United Nations and local NGOs.”

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